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Turn to us when your project calls for high volume, low cost Polymer Optics . Our Precision Polymer Optics are used for a variety of Optic & Opto-Electronic applications including Sensing, Imaging, Scanning, Detecting.

When you're looking for the quality of Glass with the savings of Plastic, call us with your specific requirement. We can help you get started from Prototyping all the way to High Volume Production.

Product Offerings:

  • Aspheric Lenses (Paraboloid, Hyperboloid, Ellipsoidal)
  • Spherical Lenses
  • Collimating Lenses
  • Diffractive Optics
  • Fresnel Lenses
  • Cylindrical Lenses
  • Plastic Windows
  • Optical Cast

General Specifications:
Size: 3 to 50mm
Mechanical Tol: 0.03mm<30mm dia
0.05mm<50mm dia
Optical Tol: 0.002 to 3mm (3mm Dia)
Materials Used: Acrylic, Polycarbonate (PMMA), Polystrene
Coatings: SiO, MgF2, ZnS, Aluminum, Silver, Dielectric, Single Layer, Multi Layer
Testing: Collimator, Interferometer, Form Talsurf

Polymer Optics

Stock Lens List

Following is a partial list of stock items. Please contact us for more detailed and updated information.
Part No. Dimension: Focal Length: Material:
AOI-001-00-0 Dia. 5.3mm 8.15mm PMMA
AOI-007 Dia. 32mm 30.46mm PMMA
AOI-08W25 Dia. 25.1mm 42.3mm PMMA
AOI-038-03 Dia. 18mm 16.97mm PMMA
AOI-0801 10.8x4mm 17.85mm PMMA
AOI-0805 Dia. 22mm 34.8mm PMMA
AOI-08022 Dia. 22mm 32.92mm PMMA
AOI-0814 Dia. 15.1mm 29.85mm PMMA
AOI-08118 Dia. 18mm 34.76mm PMMA
AOI-1010 Dia. 15mm 17.46mm PMMA
AOI-1011 Dia. 5x8mm(L) Rod PMMA
AOI-1012 Dia. 5.6mm 4.87mm PMMA
L986624-P 7.5mm Dia 8.0mm EFL Lens PMMA
L988617-P 27.0mm Dia 42.0mm BFL Lens PMMA
L986626-P 9.5mm Dia 18.0mm EFL Lens PMMA (Aspheric)
L976000-P 16.5mm Dia 52.0mm EFL Lens PMMA
L986617-P 3.0mm Dia 3.0mm EFL Lens PMMA
L988618-P 42.0mm Dia -61.0mm EFL Lens PMMA (Aspheric)
L988619-P 23.0mm Dia -107.0mm EFL Lens PMMA (Aspheric)
L988620-P 64.0mm Dia -91.0mm EFL Lens PMMA (Aspheric)
L988625-P 48.0mm Dia -44.0mm EFL Lens PMMA (Aspheric)
L986616-P 34.0mm Dia -51.0mm EFL Lens PMMA (Aspheric)
L986618-P 35X19X5mm 28.0mm EFL Lens PMMA (cylindrical)
L986628-P 10X10X2mm -10.0mm EFL Lens PMMA (cylindrical)
For more information on our Polymer Optics line, please visit our Plastic Optics Division

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